Brit Pop 'N' Rock

2 hours of simply the best guitar-based rock music from a prolific period in music history.

Experience the wondrous diversity of rock music that defined the decade with the '80s being told to 'do one'! The old style rock was steamrolled by alt-rock, new punk, and the Britpop scene was 'Cool Britannia', and not forgetting the explosion of grunge music, well and truly making its mark on the '90s.

Presented by Alan Boyd

Forgotten Classics

We hope you're ready for a deep dive into the most diverse eras of rock.

Covering 30 years from the formative years through the 60s with the emersion of the first true footprint of rock music, into rock’s teenage years of the 70s as the music tempered with the formation of the classic bands we all know and love, the Classics Show ends its journey in the '80s with how rock and metal had matured into a true force to be reckoned with...

Come and find the music that makes you realise THIS was the time to truly discover rock.

Presented by Mort

Got You Covered

This show looks at the sacred ground of the 'cover song'

Everyone has thoughts on cover songs. Whether it's to pay homage to the original artist, or possibly the first songs in a new young band wanting to play the songs they love listening to.

Maybe an artist wants to showcase their style by putting their own unique spin on a well-known song or to breathe new life into an old song.

Sometimes a cover version of a song can bring renewed attention to a classic tune that has been forgotten or overlooked.

Whatever the reasons, you will find the best rock, punk and alternative covers (of not necessarily traditional rock songs), within.

Presented by Alan Boyd

Into The Void

Join me for a trip Into The Void...

A twisted 2-hour journey into the depths of everything that Northern Rocks Radio has to offer... 

No one knows what's in The Void…including me!

Join me for forgotten gems, guilty pleasures, legendary artists and tracks, and live performances that will take your breath away.

Come along and embrace The Void...

Presented by Alan 'The Void' Boyd

Live and Loud

Featuring high energy, balls-to-the-wall, melt-your-face-off, live tracks showcasing the very best of what music has to offer.

Presented by Scott McFadden

Metal Through The Ages


Metal To Your Ears


Punk Through The Ages


The Chosen Year

60 minutes of music and headlines from a selected 'Chosen Year'.

Have your memories tinkled and your musical taste buds stimulated with news and headline stories from home and around the world. 

Jump in and take a joyride to when times were simpler, music was better, and petrol was cheaper...

Presented by Alan Boyd

Ultra Saucy Basslines

U.S.B. is a show hosted by a now no-hair, hair metal, 1980s devotee, whose formative teenage years were punctuated by classic tracks as those listed in the show; I'm sure the tracks will chime and resonate with many others... and of course, those Ultra Saucy Basslines!

Presented by Stevie Hamilton